Research & Development

One of our many specialties is assisting r & d teams with bringing their napkin-scribbled ideas to life.

So when the folks at Innovation came to us looking for a cutting-edge solution that would make order fulfillment at pharmacies more efficient and secure, our engineers were ready.

Working closely with Innovation, we designed and introduced the leading-edge PharmASSIST Light-Way product to the industry, setting a new standard for efficient order fulfillment, reduction of patient wait times, and the curtailment of workload stress in the pharmacy.

Some highlights of the Light-Way’s design are:

  • Configurable cabinetry and light strips
  • Pick-to-Light technology
  • Various levels of security (including [optional] biometric access)
  • Multiple storage options
  • Streamlined inventory management
  • Easily integrated with Enasys asset tracking systems

The Light-Way product is just one of many success stories related to research and development teams approaching us with a problem and walking away with a solution.

Are you currently buried in a project that has you scratching your head? We can help.

research and development project

photo credit: Innovation